United Arab Emirates

Mourad Ghrairi

Chief Medical Officer of the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Dubai

Dr Mourad Ghrairi is French board-certified in PMR & Sports medicine. His professional career began in 1993 as he joined the “FC Toul, France” as the team physician. Shortly thereafter he was back to his country Tunisia, he became a physician in the “Tunisian National Centre of Sports Medicine” and the team physician of « Espérance Sportive de Tunis ». Since 1999, he has been working in UAE as head of medical services of different football clubs and the UAE 1st Football national team. Currently he is the chief medical officer of the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Dubai.
Dr Mourad Ghrairi has acquired more than 25 years of experience on the football field. He has published and presented a number of scientific papers in the field of sports medicine in general and football medicine in particular. He has also proven himself as a scientific director by organizing a number of scientific congresses, workshops, seminars, symposia…
He is currently conducting many research programs on football medicine with collaboration with many universities around the world.