United Arab Emirates

Imad Hashim Ahmad

Consultant Neurosurgeon, the Medical International, Specialist Centre, Visiting Surgeon of the Mediclinic City Hospital

Imad Hashim Ahmad received his MBChB from Mosul Medical College in Iraq in 1977, and passed his Primary F.R.C.S. Examination, Final F.R.C.S. Examination, and F.R.C.S. (Neurosurgery) at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.
He is currently a Consultant Neurosurgeon at the Medical International Specialist Centre and is the Visiting Surgeon of the Mediclinic City Hospital, the Canadian Specialist Hospital & Burjeel hospital and Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at Dubai Medical College. He is an Adjuvant Professor of Neurosurgery in Sharjah Medical College. He is an Ex-President of the Emirates Neuroscience Society and in April 2012, he was elected to the position of Education Neuro for AO Spine Middle East. He is currently an education advisor for the AOSpine middle East. He is a reviewing editor for the The Global spine Journal.

Brain tumors, Cerebrovascular diseases, pediatric Neurosurgery, cervical & lumbar spinal degenerative diseases.